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Robotic Technology Can Improve Your Hip Replacement Surgery

Robotic Technology Can Improve Your Hip Replacement Surgery
Robotic Technology Can Improve Your Hip Replacement Surgery

Medicine is always adapting and improving. In today’s world, technology has played a major role in recent medical advances. One of the most impressive developments in modern medicine has been the incorporation of robots in hip replacement surgery.

While robotic-assisted hip replacement can sound daunting, it actually has many benefits compared to traditional hip replacement. During this procedure, your hip surgeon will use a robotic arm and 3D modeling as an extension of their own hands and eyes.

Check out these benefits to patients when your surgeon uses robotic technology in hip replacement surgery:

  • Personalized care
    Prior to surgery, a CT scan is performed to generate a 3D image of the surgical site to guide your surgeon in providing personalized care based on your unique anatomy.
  • Minimally invasive
    Some traditional hip replacements are performed via open surgery, involving one large incision at the hip joint to allow for visualization. Alternatively, robotic technology can allow for visualization via a 3D model of the site. Due to this, robotic-assisted surgery involves 2-3 small incisions at the hip joint so hospitalization is shortened, pain is reduced, and recovery is quicker.
  • Improved control
    Robotic arms add accuracy and precision that is impossible for even the steadiest of surgeons. This allows for optimal repair of the damaged tissue and thus a lowered risk of complications during the procedure.
  • Limited surgical range
    The 3D generated model and preprogrammed limitations can prohibit the robotic arm from damaging healthy tissue outside the surgical zone. This means there will be minimal damage to neighboring tissues and ultimately less complications during recovery.
  • High success rates
    Success rates of hip replacement using robotic technology have sky-rocketed, likely due to the benefits listed above.

Ultimately, robotic-assisted hip replacement shows immense promise in improving traditional hip replacement, giving you the confidence you need going into surgery. If you are considering hip replacement, explore your options with Dr. Ehmke, an expert at robotic-assisted joint surgery!

AUTHOR: Dr. Andrew Ehmke is a board-certified and fellowship-trained joint replacement surgeon specializing in robotic-assisted and minimally invasive hip and knee replacement in Chicagoland and NW Indiana.

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