5 Patient Benefits of Anterior Hip Replacement

5 Important Patient Benefits of Anterior

If you are a candidate for hip replacement, it is important to learn about the direct anterior surgical approach.   This new approach to hip replacement allows the surgeon to make an incision in the front portion of the hip through which the damaged joint gets removed and the new hip implant is placed.  The anterior approach can save more muscle and tendons to aid in your recovery after surgery.


5 Important Benefits to Patients include:


  1. Shorter Stay: Most patients will be discharged home the same day or have a short overnight stay.

  2. Smaller Incision Size with Less Pain: Compared to the traditional approach hip replacement, which requires a 10 to 12-inch incision, the anterior approach hip replacement is performed with only 4 to 6-inch incisions. Minimal damage is done to surrounding healthy tissue; patients typically have less pain after surgery and require minimal amounts of pain medication during the postsurgical phase.

  3. Quick Recovery: With less injury to surrounding healthy tissue, most patients recover faster from the effects of surgery and return quickly to routine activities of daily living. Research suggests people who have anterior hip replacements stop using walkers, canes, and other assistive devices 5 to 7 days sooner than traditional hip surgery patients

  4. Decreased Postoperative Precautions: With traditional surgery, there are restrictions given to the patient during the first 6 weeks in terms of activities and bending. There are no restrictions with the anterior approach.

  5. Precise Recreation of your Anatomy with X-ray Guidance: The anterior approach allows the use of a special live X-ray in the operating room so Dr. Ehmke can precisely place your components to recreate your anatomy more accurately, including keeping your legs equal.


Patients undergoing direct anterior hip replacement have less postoperative restrictions on activities than that of traditional hip replacement.  Anterior hip replacements allow patients to return to their active lifestyles quicker with higher success rates and overall patient satisfaction.